Ep-003 Dickens’ Cider

This week we are joined by special guest Tom Velure as we discuss Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 3, “The Unquiet Dead.”

It’s Christmas in Cardiff and The Doctor’s new pal Charlie joins in the adventure as the dead take to the streets to sing a Christ mas Carol or two. Rose doesn’t like their tone but in the end she finds it was a real gas.

Once things settle down it looks like there’s time at last for a holiday full of… Dickens’ Cider.

Ep-002 Here Comes the Sun

This week we discuss Doctor Who (2005) Season 1, Episode 2 “The End of the World.”

The Doctor takes Rose to the far future where she meets hoity-toity rich aliens, including one that gives the Doctor wood and another who seems stretched a little thin. As usual things start falling apart at the seams and it’s up to the Doctor to keep cool.

If the Doctor and Rose are going to save the day they’ll have to hurry because, Here Comes the Sun.

Ep-001 England Has White Trash Too

In the premiere episode of Playing Doctor we meet Ben and Jennie and discuss the pilot episode of the 2005 Doctor Who series “Rose”.

White Trash Rose Tyler meets a strange leather-clad man Who changes her life. Oddly enough, drugs and alcohol weren’t involved. Only after ditching her rubbish boyfriend and saving the world from the Plastic Menace can this chav girl’s real adventure begin.

Because England has White Trash Too.

Hello world!

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