Ep-008 Dude, Where’s my Shoes?

This week we’ll be crossing the time streams and discussing the first episode of the 1970 seventh season of Classic Doctor Who “Spearhead from Space”.

The Doctor returns to Earth along with a swarm of plastic meteorites which carry inside of them energy to power the Nestene Consciousness. The Nestene is an entity which can animate plastic, and takes over a toy factory as part of a larger plan to infiltrate the world’s governments with plastic replicas of their leaders. Meanwhile they’ve created an army of Autons to terrorize the public and take out its enemies.

The Doctor works with new Companion Liz Shaw and returning Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart to unravel the plot before it’s too late. Since the Autons are not taken out by guns, the heroes develop a special weapon that emits a high frequency signal which breaks the link between the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness.

There is a struggle between the Doctor and the Nestene Consciousness’ tentacles after they discover their secret weapon doesn’t affect it. Fortunately Liz re-calibrates it to a new frequency which DOES work, just in the nick of time.

And in all of this chaos you’ll be as confused as the Doctor when he asks, “Dude, where’s my shoes?”

3 thoughts on “Ep-008 Dude, Where’s my Shoes?

  1. First off, let me just say that this is a great podcast. I’m a Whovian from way back, and very pleased that someone is taking the time to talk about the Classic Series at *all*. I love the new series, but I feel like sometimes people need to be reminded that Eccleston was the 9th Doctor, not the 1st.

    Doctor Who is the only thing I really geek out over, though I’ve never shown up to a con in an anorak (which I don’t own), or a 12 foot scarf (which I do.) I’m not the kind of person that knows chapter and verse and argue canon or non-canon, but I’ve been a fan of The Doctor since the late 70’s when they played him in the afternoons on WVEC.

    That said, two points:

    1. While Pertwee is not seen ‘in the flesh’ during the 2nd Doctor’s Trial in last episode of The War Games (Troughton–I highly recommend what you can find of him), a caricature of Pertwee is seen on the screen when The Doctor is given several options as to what he might look like. There was an argument about whether or not it was Pertwee, I believe it was.

    2. In Madam Toussaud’s, The Doctor and Liz Shaw speak to a older gentleman, who gives them some information. Look closely at him, you’ll find it is William Hartnell. Nice little easter egg moment there.

    In any event, I hope this satisfies your request to find out if people are listening. I am, and continue to. Looking forward to you covering what my wife calls the reason she’d like to kill our TV, “Inferno”. Be well.


  2. Because of your show, I went back and watched this episode with my family. My 9 year old son thought it was cheesey, but pretty good. My little 5 year old niece got nightmares! With the exception of one Tom Baker episode that put me to sleep after 10 minutes, this was the first classic Who I have ever seen. I really enjoyed Pertwee’s take on the Doctor. He was clever and endearing, and I’d like to see more. The octopus arms latching on to him was ridiculously entertaining. I’m looking forward to following along with Playing Doctor as you delve into more of the classic episodes.

    • We’re glad you like the episode, but sorry about the nightmares. I think that’s part of the legacy of Doctor Who, scarred psyches of little children around the world.

      I agree it can get cheesy at times but after a while you stop noticing. Glad we are encouraging a new generation of Whovians to spring forth.

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