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Welcome to Playing Doctor SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched all of Doctor Who through the first episode of series 7, “Asylum of the Daleks”, you don’t want to listen to this episode. If you are caught up but don’t want to hear rumors and spoilers about the upcoming series, you don’t want to listen to this episode.

Each week during the current season of Doctor Who we will be presenting this bonus episode each week where we will discuss the new 7th season of Doctor Who. Join us every Monday as we talk about the episode that just aired Saturday night and rumors about the episode coming up next week.

All of the links, news items and rumors mentioned in the podcast can be found after the break. Just select “more” to see all of the notes, but be warned there are SPOILERS.

2 thoughts on “Playing Doctor SPOILERS-02

  1. I really LOVED the new episode, however, I had a problem with the subplot of Amy and Rory’s divorce. Why didn’t they just talk it out? After everything they’ve been through, Amy and Rory can’t discuss adoption? I thought the final reveal of Oswald was brilliant, right down to her muttering “eggs… eggs…” I’m interested to see how she will be introduced. I how they didn’t back themselves into a strange “magical” paradox. That would bother me, but I’m super excited for “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!”

    • I think the divorce subplot was believable. I’ve seen plenty of relationships fall about from lack of talking it out. But the best part of the show, for me, was Oswin Oswald. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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