Playing Doctor SPOILERS! 07


Welcome to Playing Doctor SPOILERS! If you haven’t finished watching Doctor Who all the way through the end of Series 7b “The Name of the Doctor” then you don’t want to listen to this episode. There be spoilers here.

We’ve been gone for a while but we’re back now. We were so excited to get this episode out we decided to put it out as soon as it was edited instead of waiting until next Thursday! We hope you enjoy this spoilery episode.

Jennie: I guess you were really excited about this week’s Doctor Who finale.

Ben: I sure was.

Jennie: Did you find out The Name of the Doctor?

Ben: Who.

Jennie: The Doctor, what was the Doctor’s name?

Ben: Who.

Jennie: What was the Doctor’s name?

Ben:  No, Who is the Doctor.

Jennie: Yes, who is the Doctor?

Ben: Exactly.

Jennie: The Doctor’s name is exactly?

Ben: No, Who.

Jennie: You know, the Doctor. What is the Doctor’s name?

Ben: Fred.

Jennie: You ruin all the jokes.

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