EP-21 Bubble Wrap of Death

This week we cross the time streams and travel back to the crazy disco era of 1975 and the second episode of the Tom Baker era. Join the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Surgeon Lieutenant Harry Sullivan on their first trip in the TARDIS. With an unfortunate twist of the helmic regulator Harry (a.k.a. Proto-Starburns) sends the crew to the distant future beyond the 30th Century and into a world of cellophane wrap slug trails, green bubble wrap turds and giant space wasps from space.

If you think the characters on British TV drama’s are stodgy and uptight wait until you meet the crew of Nerva Beacon. Perhaps good ole Tom can warm their frozen hearts with his toothy smile and a jelly baby. Now if he could keep Harry from flirting with Sarah Jane we might all be able to save humanity from a fate worse than death. It’s the Bubble Wrap of Death and it’s going to keep this episode fresh.

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2 thoughts on “EP-21 Bubble Wrap of Death

  1. Question – with Hulu Plus, do the ads keep coming even when your trial period is over and you start to pay? Because I’m in Genesis of the Daleks right now and the ad breaks are seriously distracting. Hoping it’s just because I’m in free trial period…

  2. Sorry, we just saw your comment! So by now you’ve probably answered the question on your own, but I’ll respond anyway for those who may come across this later.

    Unfortunately the ads do stick around even after the trial period. What you get with the trial is exactly like the paid version. Some shows have very few commercial interruptions while others have several. The main difference is, you only have to watch one or two commercials each time rather than five.

    It kind of sucks but it still beats buying each episode.
    (We’re not true sponsors, just affiliate customers, so we can say that!)

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