Ep-25: Satan’s Pit Stains

It’s a normal day for the Doctor and Rose, which starts of course with at least 6 impossible things before breakfast then rounded out with being stranded on a planetoid in orbit around a black hole by mid-afternoon. We meet the Ood, a race of strangely faced creatures that remind us of (insert your answer here). Before long, the Doctor finds himself deeply entrenched in man’s timeless battle against evil: avoiding commitment with a clingy companion.

The Ood might be the perfect servants, but no matter how good they are at laundry, nothing can remove Satan’s Pit Stains.

Robot Portraits by Ben Rollman

Tardisode 8:

Tardisode 9:

1 thought on “Ep-25: Satan’s Pit Stains

  1. Not to be pedantic, but I lived in the 616 area code for most of my life. I don’t live there any more, but never moved. The area code “split” due to the proliferation of phones, and is now a lot smaller. It surrounds Grand Rapids at this time, which is sort of Michigan’s anti-Detroit at best…. or perhaps what Buffalo is in New York state compared to New York City. Far away, that is.

    The 313 area code is traditionally the one for Detroit. While it to has split off and become smaller, it still covers Detroit.

    Great, funny podcast. Anything that riffs on “Der Kommissar” will make my day, any time.

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