SPOILERS! – 2014 X-mas Special


In this spoiler filled episode of Playing Doctor SPOILERS, Jennie and Ben discuss the 2014 X-mas special. There’s foul language and we’re not talking about the Christmas Goose.

3 thoughts on “SPOILERS! – 2014 X-mas Special

  1. I really enjoyed the silent podcast. It captured the existential ‘reality’ of the dreamscape far more effectively than any other podcast I’ve listened to, playing on the themes of ‘nightmare’ versus ‘certainty’. Is Santa ‘real’? Who can tell? Is the podcast ‘silent’ or merely an expression of the podcasters’ feelings? One day, degree theses will be written; for now, we enjoy the fleeting ‘pleasure’ of the tangerine. Bravo!

    • I’m really glad someone was able to realize the true meaning of the podcast before Jennie made me change it and add the audio portion back into the show.

      It warms my cold heart that you were able to interpret the cold bleakness I tried to express with the silence. Was this truly Santa’s “silent night”? Why tangerines? Are they also silent because of their great ennui? What is the true meaning of silence and is that also the true meaning of Christmas when we explore the deeper feelings brought on by the vast white wasteland that is the North Pole?

      Thanks for listening. Hopefully you were able to re-download the “repaired” audio and enjoyed that even more.

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