About Us

We are Playing Doctor. Each week our podcast presents an uncensored* discussion of a Doctor Who episode, starting with the 2005 series’ introduction of the 9th Doctor. Once in a while we’ll cross the time streams and visit a Classic Doctor Who episode, eventually reviewing every episode EVER.

Every regular review will be largely spoiler free for people who are just getting into Doctor Who. In order to get some things off our chest about the new episodes, we’ll also have a weekly special bonus podcast. There we can discuss all of the latest news and rumors about the latest installments.

Starring your hosts, the Very Internet Famous Ben McCormick & Jennie Zell of Dork Trek PLUS occasional special guests!


* This podcast contains gratuitous use of unsavory language, trash-talk, political incorrectness, and sexual innuendo. May not be suitable for children, individuals with wooden legs, sad clowns or Mary Whitehouse.