Ep-45: Do You Want Daleks?

It’s November 5, 1966 and you’ve decided to settle down and watch a science fiction show on the telly. There are evil aliens, a crashed space capsule and it all takes place on the planet Vulcan. If you think you’re watching Star Trek you’re wrong, it’s “The Power of the Daleks” and it’s the first adventure featuring the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.

Our favorite recorder playing space tramp leads us on this adventure as a remote Earth colony faces the dangers of the Daleks. Joining us this week is Kris Roley, veteran podcaster, internet celebrity, and our Number 1 on Number 2.  Check out Kris’ site at http://www.krisroley.com .

Time Lady Threads

If you saw us at Tidewater Comicon or Intervention in 2015, you saw our wonderful new t-shirts for sale. The Time Lady tee was the star of the show and most sizes went quickly.

Well, they’re coming back! An order will be placed soon, so fill out this form and reserve your size TODAY. Yes, do it NOW.

Hate iframes? Go to the form directly.

We will once again be at Tidewater Comicon, (Re)generation Who, plus Intervention. And if you’re local, Night of the Doctor at the Virginia Beach central library.

Ep-43: Game of Family Blood Nature

This week Jennie and Ben are joined by longtime friend of the show Drew Stewart to discuss the eighth and ninth episodes of season 3, Human Nature and Family of Blood.

The episode begins with the Doctor and Martha barely escaping the clutches of an unseen enemy. A frantic Doctor tells Martha she is the key to their escape just before the Doctor wakes up in his PJs with Martha bringing him breakfast in bed. No, Martha’s dreams haven’t come true, the Doctor has disguised himself as a human school teacher at an all boys boarding school on Earth in 1913. Now they must remain in hiding from the Family of Blood or all will be lost. But when the Doctor’s special watch gets stolen just when Martha needs her Doctor the most love is in the air between the human Doctor and the boarding school’s Matronly nurse. In the end the Family of Blood learns what the true rage of a Time Lord feels like and the Doctor breaks the heart of another blonde, all the while ignoring Martha.

Available on Netflix and Hulu Plus

Use our Hulu Referral Link and get 2 free weeks when you sign up for Hulu Plus! http://www.hulu.com/r/R9y_Sg

You can check out Drew Stewart’s other work on the Trek.FM network,

Standard Orbit: http://www.trek.fm/standard-orbit-episode-directory

Commentary: Trek Stars: http://www.trek.fm/commentary-trek-stars-episode-directory

(Re)Generation WHO!


This weekend Jennie and Ben will be traveling north to experience the first ever (Re)Generation Who Convention, March 27th – 29th, and it will be a BLAST! (Re)Generation Who is an awesome 3 day Doctor Who Fan Convention in Hunt Valley, MD run by Onezumi Events. These are the same folks who run Intervention, our favorite not-Doctor Who specific show of the year.

The guest list this year is phenomenal, scheduled to appear are The Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, The Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, The Fourth Doctor Tom Baker (Via Skype), Second Doctor Companion Deborah Watling, Patricia Quinn from “Dragonfire”, Fifth/Sixth Doctor Companion Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy–Davros, Seventh Doctor Companion Sophie (Aldred) Henderson, and Colin Spaull–Mr. Crane; from “Rise of the Cybermen”. Not to mention rooms full of vendors and podcasters (like us).

Playing Doctor Podcast will be in Artist Alley Area #2 at table #77 so be sure to look for our banner and stop by to talk to Jennie and Ben. They will be recording a live Playing Doctor Podcast on Saturday night and participating in lively Doctor Who discussions all weekend.

Come out and meet a few Doctors, Companions, and even Jennie & Ben. You will be very sad if you don’t.

Live Long and Prosper

Playing Doctor Podcast would like to take a moment to send our condolences to the family of Mr. Leonard Nimoy. Although he was never directly associated with Doctor Who, Mr. Nimoy was an inspiration to generations of science fiction fans and we mourn the loss of such an icon of American television history.

SPOILERS! – 2014 X-mas Special


In this spoiler filled episode of Playing Doctor SPOILERS, Jennie and Ben discuss the 2014 X-mas special. There’s foul language and we’re not talking about the Christmas Goose.

Happy Moon Day!

Happy Moon Day everyone. Forty-five years ago today brave men from a tiny blue world stepped out of their rocket ship onto another world for the first time in human history. Let’s remember the bravery of all of those who worked tirelessly to get us to the Moon and let’s also take a moment to think about all the things we have that came from the technology boom associated with that mission.

Chances are we wouldn’t be communicating via the interwebz and using our tiny pocket computers if not for all of the technological advances associated with the race to the moon and our space program.

Let’s never forget the accomplishment we saw that day.

Gallifrey FC: A Doctor Who Sports Christmas Special!

By: Dennis Black-n-Asian

Gallifrey FC

Like many Whovians, my Christmas wish will be fulfilled with another Doctor Who special, and another regeneration episode at that! With the recent 50th anniversary special and a new Doctor on the horizon, it seems like a good point to reflect a bit on the 11 (12?) men who have fully portrayed the Doctor to this point.

Seeing as how soccer (nee football) is one of the favorite past times of the UK, as is watching Doctor Who, I thought I’d put together  a roster for Gallifrey Wanderers FC using each incarnation’s personality traits as the deciding factor on the position they would play. Continue reading

Bring Worldcon to Orlando in 2015!

Every year the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) holds a World Science Fiction Convention (or WorldCon). 2015 will be the year of the 73rd annual WorldCon. This convention has been going on since 1939, except for a brief hiatus during World War II, but that put a lot of things on hiatus as I recall. Every year since 1955 the membership of WorldCon have selected the winners of the Hugo Awards, which if you’re into Science Fiction you’ll recognize as the awards for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements during the year.

Every year at WorldCon the membership selects where the WorldCon will be in two years. As this is 2013 they will be choosing where the location will be in 2015 and we are backing the bid to bring WorldCon back to Orlando, Florida on Labor Day Weekend (September 2-6).

The choice is obvious when you consider the proposed venue is Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. With over 1,920 hotel rooms and more than 225,000 square feet of flexible function and exhibit space, it is one of the largest single-level facilities on the U.S. East Coast. With a facility this big it will allow Worldcon to be housed in one hotel and eliminate splitting up programming around multiple hotels and venues. Few locations can offer such a deal.

And speaking of deals, the contracted room rate is $139/night, single-quad. And since this is a Disney location, you know your going to be treated first class. They offer free ground transportation and luggage service from the Orlando airport to all of their resorts. Plus, there’s free parking at Coronado Springs Resort, whether you stay there or not. If you do stay there, mini-fridges in all the rooms means you can load up on the con-snacks. But my favorite service is the free wi-fi that’s available throughout the function space and sleeping rooms.

If Orlando wins the bid to host Worldcon in 2015 they will be working their programming around the theme, “Science Fiction is Bigger Than You Think!”, which will showcase how the breadth and scope of today’s science fiction has spread beyond its humble beginnings. Admittance to the exhibit hall will be FREE, thus increasing traffic for the Dealers, Artists, Artist Alley, fan groups and the wonderful Worldcon history exhibits.

For more information go check out their website, OrlandoIn2015, like their Facebook page and spread the word about getting Worldcon to Orlando in 2015.


What is Intervention?

Once again Jennie and I will be attending Intervention in Rockville, MD. You’ve heard us talk about it like mad every year.

What does Intervention do? Educational panels and workshops taught by the pros. Supporting local and indie artists who use the internet to DIY reach out to their audience. Gaming, Fan Suggested Geekery, Dance Parties, Movies, Arcade Gaming, and unique performances.

Check out this video then make plans to meet us all at Intervention August 23rd-25th.

Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity