Ep-17 Nurses, Nuns and Cats

Your long wait is over and we’re back to regular updates.

Jennie made me say that or she was going to poke my jiggery again. Either way, we recorded this discussion about Doctor Who season 2, episode 1: “New Earth” with our old pal Greg Harbin waaaaay back in October. So this is truly a time travel episode back to the long ago days of 2012. Obama was president, gas was cheaper and catwomen knew their place.

The Doctor and Rose go on a date to the distant future and run into trouble with cats. Anytime you deal with cats there’s going to be trouble. That’s just how it is with cats, especially cats who dress like nuns and practice the time honored tradition of nursing. To make things even more interesting we get a visit from our old friend Cassandra and a hospital full of quasi-zombie clones from space.

In this madcap adventure you’ll need to take the Doctor’s advice and never trust Nurses, Nuns or Cats.

Ep-002 Here Comes the Sun

This week we discuss Doctor Who (2005) Season 1, Episode 2 “The End of the World.”

The Doctor takes Rose to the far future where she meets hoity-toity rich aliens, including one that gives the Doctor wood and another who seems stretched a little thin. As usual things start falling apart at the seams and it’s up to the Doctor to keep cool.

If the Doctor and Rose are going to save the day they’ll have to hurry because, Here Comes the Sun.