SPOILERS!- Series 9 Episode 1, “The Magician’s Assistant”


In this spoiler filled episode Jennie and Ben discuss the first episode of season nine. This episode amazed the crew so much that we can’t even describe it here without risking a major spoiler event!

Big events happen that you just have to see to believe, including the most awesome axe fight in history.

Seriously, there be spoilers here.

EP-20 Non-Sexual Doctor

The Doctor is reunited with his old companions, Sarah Jane Smith and tin dog K-9 in the investigation of an eerily successful school as we travel back in time to discuss season 2, episode 3 “School Reunion” with long time friend of the show Drew Stewart. In addition to the Krillitanes, the heroes also find themselves battling the green eyed monster of jealousy. Rose and Sarah Jane vie for the Doctor’s attention, while Mickey desperately tries to keep a foothold in his relationship with Rose.

Be sure to get your diabeetus medicine and eat all of your chips so you can figure out Sarah Jane and Rose won’t be torturing the midget or walking the Mickey with the Non-Sexual Doctor in this episode of Playing Doctor because it’s deadlock sealed by the bat people from space.

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(see we remembered to link you Drew!)

We promise this episode isn’t a commercial for Trek.FM no matter how much we talk about Star Trek in this episode.

Ep-16 Ashy Christmas of Death

Americans still haven’t thawed their turkeys for Thanksgiving and we’re already putting up our Christmas trees at the Playing Doctor Podcast! This week we are joined by our long time friend Darryl Lewis of FlyingMonkeyMotoGear.com (he also made our awesome theme music) to discuss the Children in Need special and Christmas Invasion as we begin Series 2 of Doctor Who.

Time’s not the only thing that’s a bit wibbly-wobbly as the Doctor crashes the TARDIS into a truck and the Powell Estate itself just in time to get Rose home for Christmas. He’s got a new face and a touch of narcolepsy for the holidays and Rose is doing all the work to save Christmas from the Robot Santas of Doom Brass Section.

With spinning Christmas Trees of Death, Regeneration Energy Belches and finding Howard’s fruit in your night robes this promises to be one of the better Christmases in London until everyone climbs up on the roof when the Sycorax arrive.

You’ll want to bundle up and put on your winter clothes before you start dreaming of an Ashy Christmas of Death.

The Children in Need special can be viewed on Youtube here:


Playing Doctor Spoilers 05

Welcome to Playing Doctor SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched all of Doctor Who through the fourth episode of series seven, “The Power of Three”, you don’t want to listen to this episode. If you are caught up but don’t want to hear rumors and spoilers about the upcoming series, you don’t want to listen to this episode.

We had an awesome time at Intervention this year and we can’t wait to go back next year. We met a lot of new friends and saw many of our old friends. We’d like to thank Onezumi and her staff for putting on a terrific show.

As always, don’t listen to the entire show if you don’t want to hear possible spoilers when we discuss “The Power of Three”,

Ep-008 Dude, Where’s my Shoes?

This week we’ll be crossing the time streams and discussing the first episode of the 1970 seventh season of Classic Doctor Who “Spearhead from Space”.

The Doctor returns to Earth along with a swarm of plastic meteorites which carry inside of them energy to power the Nestene Consciousness. The Nestene is an entity which can animate plastic, and takes over a toy factory as part of a larger plan to infiltrate the world’s governments with plastic replicas of their leaders. Meanwhile they’ve created an army of Autons to terrorize the public and take out its enemies.

The Doctor works with new Companion Liz Shaw and returning Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart to unravel the plot before it’s too late. Since the Autons are not taken out by guns, the heroes develop a special weapon that emits a high frequency signal which breaks the link between the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness.

There is a struggle between the Doctor and the Nestene Consciousness’ tentacles after they discover their secret weapon doesn’t affect it. Fortunately Liz re-calibrates it to a new frequency which DOES work, just in the nick of time.

And in all of this chaos you’ll be as confused as the Doctor when he asks, “Dude, where’s my shoes?”